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Welcome to the untouched part of the Mediterranean - to the croatian island Zverinac, an ideal place for a peaceful vacation away from the noise and crowds.

Island Zverinac is located in Zadar's archipelago near the northern part of island Dugi otok. The only village on the island is situated on a small bay on the western side. It is well connected to the mainland -- fast boat (catamaran), as well as car ferry arrive daily from Zadar. It is therefore possible to arrive on the island with a car. 


You can explore the island Zverinac by visiting St. Ignatius Church, Fanfogna's Manor, an olive oil mill, the oldest tree on the island or hike up to the highest point of the island, called Klis.

Just few minutes away from the Apartments Fiera & Lapis there is a well outfitted shop and a restaurant.




Klis, the highest peak of the island Zverinac, rises 117 metars above sea level and is situated in the southeastern part of Zverinac. it takes approximately 40 minutes to walk from the village to Klis, following a well signed path that runs through plantations of olive trees.


Once you hike to the very top of island Zverinac, you will find a cross that has been made of olive tree wood. The view from the peak is breathtaking and nearby islands Dugi otok, as well as islands Tun Veli, Molat, Sestrunj and Ugljan can all be seen. 

Island Dugi otok




A celebration of Saint Ignatius - protector of the island Zverinac - is held each year on July 30. Festivities include singing local songs and serving traditional Dalmatian meals, while in the evening everyone gathers for bocce tournament. The next day, on July 31, a large mass is held in the historic St Ignatius Church.

Apartment on island Zverinac



The island Zverinac was first mentioned in written documents in year 1421, under the name of Surian, and in 1501 under the name Zvirinoz. 

From the year 1690 until 1835 the island was in the possession of the noblemen Fanfogna, to whom the island was given as a reward for his service to Venice. In 1746 family Fanfogna built a stone manor on the island. Also the olive oil mill and the St Ignatio church were built by the same family.  Fanfogna also populated the island with villagers from nearby Soline on Dugi otok. The Škifić and Pešušić families moved to Zverinac so it is no surprise that most of the inhabitants today still carry the same last name.

Apartment Fiera Zverinac



Have you been wondering what local products you could bring home with you from your vacation on island Zverinac?

If you decide to come and be guest on island Zverinac, at some point you might be wondering what kind of souvenir you could bring home with you. Here are some locally made goods and deliciuos treats from Zverinac, perfect for consuming wheather during your holiday stay or with friends and family when you return back home.   






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